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Diamonds are evidently available in a completely huge range of colors. Most people recognise about colorless diamonds and GIA’s coloration grading system that is used to categorise a diamond’s body coloration… You recognize D, E, F, and many others. This colour grading system is most effective used to categorise the maximum commonplace diamond frame shade of yellow but every time a diamond is observed in another coloration like crimson, blue, green, and so on.; then this diamond is known as a “fancy diamond”.

Natural Fancy diamonds may be very high-priced and in many instances greater costly than a comparable size colorless diamond. A superb example of a Fancy diamond is the infamous forty five.52 carat fancy deep blue diamond, the Hope Diamond, that’s on show in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC.

A color more suitable diamond is a 100% herbal diamond that has had its colour modified. And first-rate of all, coloration better diamonds are available in a very extensive selection of colours at very lower priced prices!

A bit of history-

For many, a few years it has been well known that a diamond’s color might be “advanced” by means of setting a chunk of coloured substance at the surface of a diamond and just like magic… A diamond that had a major yellowish shade would change to a extra appealing close to colorless diamond. Unfortunately, this type of shade enhanced diamond could exchange back to its unique body colour if this coloured substance was accidentally removed.

In greater current years, the generation of colour enhanced diamonds has gone extremely high tech. It is now viable to absolutely change the colour of a diamond! These processes are taken into consideration everlasting because it does remain solid when uncovered to normal everyday conditions. The color will no longer fade if uncovered to daylight or be washed off through harsh chemical compounds.

How is it executed?

The favored final results of any of those treatments is to have a more marketable diamond. A much less marketable diamond could be a diamond that has a low frame colour or every so often a decrease readability. The color better diamond remedy corporations realize if they start out with a certain kind of diamond and system it for a certain amount of time that they must emerge as with a certain coloration however it does now not always work that way. This is a technology that does require a few artwork of their tactics… The only manner that gives consistent outcomes is the coating system.

The three approaches are as follows-

Process #1- HPHT Color Enhanced Diamonds- High Pressure / High Temperature (HPHT) remedy can enhance the shade of certain kinds of brown diamonds and consequently increase their cost. General Electric has developed a manner that quite a good deal is a mechanical simulation of a diamond’s creation in nature. The shade stronger diamond may be heated up to a totally excessive temperature underneath a very excessive, stabilized pressure. Faults within the crystal shape are then rearranged ensuing in an alteration of the diamond’s coloration.

Because the situations of HPHT are very similar to diamond’s authentic formation, most effective a properly geared up lab will be capable of positively discover this sort of colour better diamond. HPHT changed into first used to turn yellowish diamonds into extra marketable fancy colored more suitable diamonds, however now it is also used to convert a few unpopular brownish diamonds into extra desirable colorless colored enhanced diamonds.

Process #2- Irradiated Color Enhanced Diamonds- OK… Do no longer begin getting all excited due to the fact you noticed the phrase irradiated! This is a a hundred% secure procedure that is very similar to what’s used to maintain food through exposing it to a movement of Gamma rays. The coloration better diamond method is accomplished in several one-of-a-kind ways but the results are all the same. You start with a low color (P, Q, R, and many others.) a hundred% herbal diamond that has already been cut and polished, then it’s miles uncovered to a circulate of rapid electrons. During this part of the system the diamond will turn to a completely dark shade due to the fact a number of the atoms within the diamond’s crystal structure have now been dislocated and this in turn has affected the way mild passes thru the diamond. Next the diamond is going thru a managed heating (annealing) method, this allows a number of those atoms to relocate (in part repaired) as a way to attain a favored color.

Process #three- Coated Color Enhanced diamond thailand– The coating on polished diamonds refers to a skinny artificial layer that alters the coloration of the diamond. The coating can both be of the favored shade or can reason a colored interference-impact. Unfortunately every so often this system is completed to misinform a buyer. It is a rather clean system to carry out, it has been round for decades (even though the coatings materials are much better now), and it does no longer require numerous steeply-priced excessive tech system. Recently, I’ve visible a few crimson lined diamonds available on the market, they are very attractive…. And of direction you will should buy them understanding that they have been covered and comply with your jeweler’s recommendations approximately owning and being concerned for these colour stronger diamonds.

The coating can be implemented to the complete of a diamond’s surface, simply the bottom of the diamond, or to a slim quarter close to the girdle. A well-implemented coating can exchange the coloration through one or more coloration grade. Some coatings may be removed through boiling in acid, robust cleaning solutions, or maybe household chemical substances. Sometimes dots or large areas of crimson or blue ink are painted on the diamond to assist counteract a yellowish shade. The diamond’s setting will normally cover the dots, so they’re tough to peer in a set up stone.

So, is a coloration stronger diamond proper for you?

Maybe… Herbal fancy colour diamonds may be lovely however they are steeply-priced! Color more desirable diamonds are cheap and permit many humans to very own a brightly coloured diamond. Ask your neighborhood jeweler in the event that they have any Fancy diamonds…. Either herbal or coloration stronger diamonds. It is constantly thrilling, and fun, to examine some thing distinctive!

Under ordinary wear the irradiated and HPHT shade greater diamonds will haven’t any troubles of the coloration fading away. The only attention could be while you want to have any sort of provider achieved on the piece of jewellery. If this form of color enhanced diamond is uncovered to excessive quantities of warmth it’d have an effect on the coloration. The jeweler will want to recognize that the diamond is a colour enhanced diamond before any paintings is executed after which the jeweler could be capable of decide on the quality direction of motion. Color more advantageous diamonds at the moment are also used as the small accessory diamonds round a larger colorless diamond. There are many thrilling portions of jewelry available with small blue, yellow, black, or green coloration greater diamonds.

Now that you realize approximately shade stronger diamonds and someone attempts to sell you on what they call a herbal fancy coloured diamond but it’s miles at a wonderful good buy price… You will understand that something simply does not sound proper about the offer. A report from a reputable grading lab need to accompany all natural Fancy colored diamonds which might be advertised as natural. If you address a good employer and you’ve got been reassured approximately what you’re buying, then you may reduce the opportunity of some thing terrible happening to you. As with any state of affairs involving an pricey purchase of something that now not many human beings are well versed in, schooling ought to be an important a part of your plan. This is even more critical if you plan to purchase a shade improved diamond.

Bud Boland has been within the jewelry commercial enterprise for forty years and has executed the entirety from watchmaking, diamond placing, earrings making, and has been a Gemologist for nearly 35 years. He is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which is likewise the location wherein he turned into an Instructor. He has taught approximately diamonds to hundreds of students from all around the global.

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