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Love is the most lovely truth of this world. It pervades the sector like God. It is most hard to “define” acompanhante love however the simplest to “know”. All people recognise what love is. Even an animal realize what love is. Love is, therefore, the matter of realization and the understanding of the love is knowledge of the universe. St. Kabir, the famous Sufi poet stated,

Many humans died Reading Scriptures,
Yet they did not end up smart,
One who understood the that means of “Love”,
Is the Only man to be Wise.
Love is, therefore, not simply an emotion however additionally the most profound information that a man can expect to recognize. Once we understand love, nothing else is left unknown. Yet there may be nothing mysterious or complex approximately love as even the maximum innocent character “is aware of” it with out reading a unmarried ebook.

The expertise of love calls for not best the software of thoughts however also the heart, the soul and the intuition.

The complexity of love is because of the truth that love has more than one dimensions. It is sort of a dwelling being including many frame parts. These limbs are interconnected with each other in such a manner that they supplement every different. They all are crucial and necessary a part of the being as someone turns into lame although one part of the body goes lacking.


Love is manifested in seven one-of-a-kind forms. It is sort of a white beam of light which hides in it the spectrum of seven hues. If even colour is one is lacking, love is incomplete. These seven dimensions are described as following.

1. Love is Sensual

The most primary size of love is the body which ends up in the pleasure of senses. You can not love someone who can not be seen or imagined. Sensual love is so important in love that often human beings use the phrase “love” interchangeably with “lust” which seeks sexual gratification. Though, lust has been believed by using many as the lowest manifestation of love, yet the sensuality has been a essential element in love. For instance, Sufis developed their love for God through the means of sensuality. They imagined God as male (or female) and themselves as their cherished. The root of Idolatry too lies in the need of the person to develop an emotional and sensual attachment with God. The religions that omitted the bodily dimensions of affection, frequently made their fans heartless and ruthless. The folks who neglected the bodily size of affection regularly fail to locate love at all in their life.

2. Love is Compassion

Aristotle stated “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting bodies.” It is perhaps the handiest definition of affection. When someone loves every other character, he stocks the pains and happiness of the person as if they share the same soul. This is known as compassion which is described as “a deep consciousness of and sympathy for any other’s struggling”. A mom who loves he toddler cannot undergo the ache of her toddler and even supply her very own lifestyles, if that is useful in decreasing the pain of her infant. Often people feel possessive approximately their love as they want to avoid any pain to their loved one.

3. Love is Care

Love isn’t always merely an emotion that joins the human beings. When you like someone, you do the entirety to make the your beloved glad as in her happiness lies your happiness. The distinction of our bodies disappear for the people in love. Love with out action has no that means as illustrated in this beautiful poem “Which Loved Best?” with the aid of Joy Allison.

“I love you. Mother,” said little John;
Then, forgetting his paintings, his cap went on,
And he changed into off to the garden swing,
And left her the water and wood to convey.
“I love you Mother,” stated Rosy Nell-
“I love you better than tongues can tell”;
Then she teased and pouted complete half of the day,
Till her mom had fun when she went to play.
“I love you Mother,” stated little Fan;
“Today I’ll assist you all I can;
How satisfied I am that college does not maintain!”
So she rocked the babe until it fell asleep.
Then, stepping softly, she fetched the broom,
And swept the ground and tidied the room;
Busy and happy all day become she,
Helpful and glad as child may be.
“I love you Mother,” once more they stated,
Three little kids going to mattress;
How do you observed that mother guessed?
Which certainly one of them clearly cherished her exceptional?
If love does not lead to effective movement of caring, it can’t be love. It is for that reason that all faith requested the fans to do charitable paintings for the benefit of the bad as best by tremendous movement God can be thrilled and like to God is manifested.

4. Love is Sharing

Love isn’t simply the sharing of the soul but additionally the sharing of the worldly things. A own family is a typical unit of affection wherein every person stocks the entirety with others. They percentage the residence, their assets, their fixtures and the entirety this is there inside the residence. Everything belongs to absolutely everyone inside the own family. The difference of mine versus them disappears for the humans in love. If you aren’t willing to proportion your most treasured thing to your loved one, you surely do not love that person. A guy who loves God constantly considers the whole thing belonging to God. Hence he would haven’t any attachment with any of the cloth goods. He, consequently, have no hesitation in giving his goods to others. One who accumulates wealth or stay connected with the wealth cannot love. Similarly, one who does no longer want to share his wealth with the human beings whom he loves does not love in truth.

5. Love is Trust

Trust is the most vital in love. How can you mistrust someone who stocks your personal soul? When trust is lacking, love can’t bear. When you adore, you put your complete accept as true with of religion to your believed. Without agree with love isn’t viable as trust is the take a look at of affection. It is easy to mention that you love someone or to mention that you’re like two bodies and one soul. Yet it is not clean to pose complete trust in the one you love. When a person loves God, he poses complete accept as true with in God that’s known as religion. When you adore your toddler, you trust him completely. The importance of accept as true with in love is said superbly in the poem “Trust” by Malcolm Coleman

Fragile as a lily,
it cements relationships.
Without it there may be no which means
to the phrases, “I Love You”,
without all of it things fail,
and happiness is eroded.
As the timber in autumn
lose their leaves,
so I lose life
if relied on I am now not.
I ought to be relied on,
for agree with builds desire, and love.

Trust brings to all matters
a wholeness this is sublime,
and which can’t be explained.
My entire soul screams with worry
if I am now not believed.
If I am no longer depended on,
what can I do?

6. Love is Reverence

The material global has created hierarchies as each fabric issue has a beginning and an quit and the whole thing is measurable. Hence the entirety is larger or smaller than different in some measurable criterion. However, soul is everlasting and has no starting or quit. We frequently recognize the people who or older or greater informed than us in the global. Yet all guys are spiritually equal as all and sundry has the identical soul. Yet every soul is manifested in this world as a exceptional being. Since absolutely everyone has been designed for a distinction motive, therefore all of us is advanced to others in a few recognize. A young baby is advanced to grownup in lots of ways. Jesus taught,

“Unless you’re converted and turn out to be as little youngsters, you’ll never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).
Thus whilst you love someone, you furthermore may recognize her or him for what he or she is. In India while two human beings meet, they greet each other by means of calling folding their hand and calling the phrase “Namaste”. The word Namaste consists of Sanskrit phrases – namah + te – that means ” I bow to that (divinity or soul) inherent in you.”

If you adore your baby, you recognize him as a person for what he’s as you notice many good features within the child which ought to be reputable. If you do not appreciate another person it simple method that you do no longer don’t forget that individual higher than you the least bit. How can you love such a person who is inferior to you in each admire?

The reverence inside the maximum form takes the form of worship. People, who love God, therefore worship God as they don’t forget God to be the best form of the Soul who’s Supreme in all appreciate.

7. Love is Friendship

When the souls of the fanatics are one, how can their minds be distinct? The sharing of thoughts or idea is known as friendship. Aristotle stated,

“Without friends no person might pick out to stay, though he had all other items.”
Friendship is any other crucial size of love. Just like you can depend on pals in the hour of need, same is actual with love. Love is not sustainable without the meeting of mind. Even a spiritual person, who loves God, without a doubt develops a form of friendship with God. He can talk with God and understand His thoughts. A man in love with his loved is aware of her mind effortlessly. If you adore your baby, you are also his or her pleasant buddy. When you talk to a toddler, you automatically use his language, fashion and language to talk. You play with him like a baby. Friendship transforms you from an adult to a baby. The children who love their dad and mom are never awed via their greatness or meanness as they find them on the identical stage as themselves. Thus friendship is constantly gift between folks that love.

What is Love with out All the Dimensions

Most human beings make mistake of their information of affection. A guy and lady may think that love is nothing but bodily appeal. Yet such love does no longer maintain until it’s far entire with its whole measurement. Therefore, the affection based totally on mere bodily attraction does no longer ultimate lengthy except it’s far packed with compassion, respect, accept as true with, being concerned, sharing and friendship. Love to God is not any exception. God can not be found simply with the aid of praying or following the rituals. One has to also have compassion with God and increase friendship with Him via knowing His mind. A lover of God must care and proportion His creations via doing charities and doing properly for different people in the global who’re all youngsters of God. Love is therefore, rightly defined because the best expertise of the arena as it’s miles the way as well as the stop of the entirety that one want to examine, sense and realize.

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