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Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies HN1-a hundred

This became Royal Doulton’s first line of figurines and become every so often additionally known as the ‘Fair Ladies’. Where feasible, I have listed the name of the figurine, the model wide variety, the designers call and the production year. Please bare in thoughts that those quite girls are some of the rarest, hard to discover royal doulton women you will ever come upon and if you are lucky enough to simply locate this sort of fashions in an auction or jumble sale someplace, then by way of gosh you ought to bid/purchase/haggle do whatever it takes to get preserve of it because those extremely uncommon collectable royal doulton figurines do no longer come up very regularly!

The other option for finding these uncommon ceramic collectible figurines is of course, auction residence however a lot of those difficult to locate, royal doulton collectible figurines will not be to be had at auctions due to the fact they are certainly so rare. Do not be discouraged from trying although, and if you familiarise yourself with these and the later variants, public sale homes usually monitor precious opportunity fashions too. You can locate on line royal doulton auctions at the likes of eBay wherein auction listings are up to date hourly so they may exchange at any time this means that in case you don’t see a treasure immediately, attempt again later. But it is usually first-rate (and inexpensive) to try to discover them ‘offline’ in vehicle boot income or jumble income or even chairty stores Royal Online.

Please find below the list of eary 1913-1938 Royal Doulton ‘Pretty Ladies’ along side their related information. Any of these might fetch a determine with many zeros at public sale so hold your eyes open!

HN1 Darling Charles Vyse 1913
HN2 Elizabeth Fry Charles Vyse 1913
HN3 Milking Time Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN4 Picardy Peasant (Female, White Hat, Blue Skirt) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN5 Picardy Peasant (Female, Dove Grey Costume) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN6 Dunce Charles J Noke 1913
HN7 Pedlar Wolf Charles J Noke 1913
HN8 The Crinoline George Lambert 1913
HN9 The Crinoline (Pale Green Skirt with Flower Sprays) George Lambert 1913
HN10 Madonna of the Square (Lilac Costume) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN11 Madonna of the Square (Grey Costume) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN12 Baby HN13 Picardy Peasant (Male) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN14 Madonna of the Square Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN15 Sleepy Scholar
HN16 Sleepy Scholar
HN17 Picardy Peasant (Male, Green Hat, Green Trousers) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN18 Pussy F C Stone 1913
HN19 Picardy Peasant (Male, Green Costume) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN20 The Coquette William White 1913
HN21 The Crinoline (Yellow Skirt with Rosebuds) George Lambert 1913
HN22 The Lavender Woman Phoebe Stabler
HN23 Lavender Woman
HN24 Sleep
HN25 Sleep
HN26 The Diligent Scholar William White
HN27 Madonna of the Square (Mottled Green and Blue Costume) Phoebe Stabler 1913
HN28 Motherhood (Style One) Phoebe Stabler
HN29 The Sleepy Scholar
HN30 The Motherhood (Style One)
HN31 The Return of Persephone Charles Vyse
HN32 Child on Crab Charles J Noke
HN33 An Arab (Green Costume, Blue Cloak) Charles J Noke 1913
HN34 Moorish Minstrel 1913 1938
HN35 Charley’s Aunt (Style One, Model 161) Albert Toft 1914
HN36 The Sentimental Pierrot Charles J Noke 1914
HN37 The Coquette (Green Costume with Flower Sprays) William White 1914
HN38 The Carpet Vendor (Style One, Model 163A) Charles J Noke 1914
HN39 The Welsh Girl, Myfanwy Jones Ernest W Light 1914
HN40 A Lady of the Elizabethian Period (Style One, Model 165) Ernest W Light 1914
HN41 A Lady of the Georgian Period Ernest W Light
HN42 Robert Burns (Style One) Ernest W Light
HN43 A Woman of the Time of Henry VI Ernest W Light
HN44 A Lilac Shawl Charles J Noke 1915
HN45 A Jester (Style One, Model 170) Charles J Noke 1915
HN46 The Gainsborough Hat H Tittensor
HN47 Gainsborough Hat
HN48 Lady of the Fan
HN49 Under the Gooseberry Bush Charles J Noke
HN50 A Spook (Style One) H Tittensor
HN51-seventy nine
HN80 Fisherwoman 1917 1938
HN81 The Shepherd Charles J Noke 1918
HN82 The Afternoon Call Ernest W Light 1918
HN83 Lady Anne 1918 1938
HN84 Mandarin 1918 1938
HN85 Jack Point 1918 1938
HN86 Out for a Walk 1918 1938
HN87 Lady Anne 1918 1938
HN88 Spooks 1918 1938
HN89 Spooks 1918 1938
HN90 Doris Keene as Cavallini Charles J Noke 1918
HN91 Jack Point 1918 1938
HN92 The Welsh Girl, Myfanwy Jones (Blue-Grey Costume) Ernest W Light 1918
HN93 Lady Anne 1918 1938
HN94 Young Knight 1918 1938
HN95 Europa and the Bull 1918 1938
HN96 Doris Keene as Cavallini Charles J Noke 1918
HN97 Mermaid 1918 1938
HN98 Guy Fawkes 1918 1938
HN99 Jack Point 1918 1938
Many of these figurines have seeing that been remade in later editions so when you are out hunting for your collectible figurines, ensure you usually take a look at the HN number and notice which ‘version’ of a selected version you have got. You can view which HN version numbers refer to which years (and this typically correlates directly to fee) on the website indexed at the bottom of this loose guide.

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