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The North American Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) is a member of the dove own family (Columbidae). It is thought that there are nearly 500-million of those fellas unfold throughout the u . S .. These fast little birds can reach over 55-mph in directly-line flight and are light gray to brown in shade. They are the leading gamebird within the united states and over 20-million of them are harvested every 12 months. These seedeaters never develop extremely large and a big specimen will nonetheless weigh underneath 6-oz. In Mississippi, they may be simply known as doves and they’re a huge hit with nearby sportsmen.

Dove Hunting is… Distinct

Unlike deer, duck, and turkey, in which sportsmen generally make huge investments in camouflage, stands, decoys, and calls to position meat within the freezer, dove season is altogether something a whole lot specific. Instead of piles of camo washed in fragrance unfastened, low-IR detergent, the typical dove hunter in Mississippi is greater come as you’re. It isn’t always uncommon to look summer season dove season shooters within the field, specifically along the Gulf Coast, in shorts, T-shirts, and turn-flops. The primary need of the Magnolia nation dove hunter is a shotgun and a large quantity of quantity 7, 7 1/2, or eight-shot low brass shells. Growing up it changed into now not extraordinary to deliver a case of Federal 12 to the sphere and leaving with a bag complete of empty hulls but no longer the first live round.

Many a hunter will make a halfhearted strive at duck or deer journeys, however few bird hunters will leave out the start of dove season.


Mississippi’s first dove season will run September 1 – September 23, 2012 however this varies according to region so be sure to check your nearby place. A later season will even run in October and a brief new yr’s season consists of over into 2013. The limit is 15 doves in line with hunter according to day, 30 in possession. However, the possession restriction is 15 on commencing day. Hunters should own a legitimate small sport searching license, hunters Ed card (if born after 1972), and whole their HIP certification. The HIP is the Migratory Bird Survey at time of license purchase. Shooting hours are from half-hour prior to sunrise to half-hour after sunset. Shotguns need to be plugged to 3 rounds or less.

Public and personal land across the state is to be had for those little grey fliers and maximum WMAs are open for commercial enterprise with few exceptions. A variety of high-profile dove hunting guide services including Eagle Lake, Perry Farms, Prairie and others offer day hunts for $one hundred-$300 in keeping with shooter and frequently offer squadrons upon squadrons of dove over their fields in alternate. Wherever you cross, make sure you scout your field out earlier and feature all the right permissions for private land and allows for public. If on personal land, make sure to check to make certain it isn’t baited, as MDWFP may be ticketing you, not the landowner.


The little dark meat birds are very lean and extraordinarily tasty. Called ‘squab’ in fancy restaurants, they may be a number of the fine eating fowl you can get from the wild. Popular ways of getting ready dove in Mississippi consist of grilled and baked. When grilling do not forget these are small birds with out a fat and could dry out fast so the secret is to season them to taste with salt and pepper or a few Tony Cha Cha and cook them fast. For baking, numerous doves over a mattress of stuffing and included with foil are hard to beat. They are plenty smaller than chickens so plan on the use of two or 3 per person.


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